Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walking in Arizona

Dream is faded from memory already, even though I replayed it in my head several times as I was falling back to sleep. I was someplace, maybe an airport, Grand Central Station, a shopping mall or factory building. I went in search of a restroom. The restroom was weird. I opened the stall door; so narrow, I had to squeeze inside; had on a backpack. The inside walls were not there, could see a larger handicapped restroom toilet and other facilities. Because it was a struggle to get inside, I walk around the end of the row of stalls, to go behind them, to get to one of those larger rooms, which no longer had any toilets.

I walked to the other end of this very long, wide room and did not find a toilet. I said to a lady "Oh, this is it." Hard to describe, just about waist high, perhaps 1' square thing with a cover. I thought this thing was the toilet, then read it was for washing faces, ONLY. I wandered back the way I had come from unable to find a toilet.

Maybe that happened later. I was on Pacific Avenue, walked north to the bus stop. I saw the bus stopped on other side of intersection. I decide I am going to walk home; beautiful day. Then I had to urinate, which annoyed me, as I had just used a toilet. As I head back south, a man at the bus stop tells me the bus is coming, and I say, I know, I can see it, but I decided to walk home. That may have been the part of the dream where I did not find a toilet, but somewhere in the dream I had already used one.

As I was searching for a toilet two young woman walking slightly in front of me, say "Here it is" or "I found it". I decide to follow them. Yet they walk outside the building. Well, maybe there is another entrance, I think. As we approach the intersection walking past looked more like a factory then mall, lots of greenery, I notice the street sign is Myrtle. I think we have to walk west and it seems it is going to be a long walk to get to that restroom.

Maybe that is why I got on a different bus. I glance out window see the street sign, wonder why bus is not stopping, I keep pulling the cord because I will have to walk back to Myrtle and this bus just keeps on going. That is when I woke up and yes, I did need to urinate in real life. Not quite as urgent as it had felt in the dream.

Something about walking the dream street brought back another forgotten memory; walking in Arizona. I have no clear recall of this; I am guessing it was when I slept at the Greyhound bus station (Slept? Yeah, right!) overnight, spent days roaming the town. I do recall thinking I was not going to be able to walk another step. Seems I walked that street, in an industrial area, more than once. Somewhere along the route, there were no connecting cross streets ~ streets that would take me back to the main drag.

This brings me full circle; I wish I could read my homeless memory blog posts to find out if I wrote about those Arizona days in detail.

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