Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Long Beach

The Press-Telegram archives articles, so link to Occupy Long Beach article may not work much longer.

The P-T online website is so annoying due to pop up ads including the type that slide onto the screen covering article titles before one has a chance to, view them with no X to close the unwanted ad, I seldom visit anymore. Since the paper offers little news, I stopped buying that to save up those quarters. Yet, I do scan headlines, buying the paper when there is something I want to read. When I visit the online version, I check titles for recent stories. That is why I truly believe this is the first P-T news report of Occupy Long Beach which has been ongoing for eleven days.

I did not see any Los Angeles Times mention of the LB protest. If I had, I would have made the trip downtown to get some photos and talk to some of the people. Should do it today; probably will wait until tomorrow. Motive is to gather first hand report for a Yahoo Contributor article. Might actually generate some page views!

Lincoln Park in Long Beach has been a long time home for those without one. The article mentions homeless Lincoln Park residents joining with the demonstrators, flocking to them for food and sometimes fighting with them over territory. The group may move to a different park. Leaders of the local group reached an agreement with police: they have to exit Lincoln Park at closing, but can move their tents to Pacific Avenue sidewalk to get some slumber.

How nice. I wonder if homeless residents set up tents near Lincoln Park, on the sidewalks, if they too would be undisturbed. Dare I say: ROFL or as this case might be, on the ground or sidewalk.

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