Saturday, October 15, 2011

I wish...

...I could read my homeless memories blog posts. My own fault for not letting the documents stay on the laptop; plenty of memory space. At the time, however, the WiFi broke, and some other thing went wrong with it; my way of thinking, if the laptop dies, there goes anything stored, thus everything would be safe saved on discs. C'est la vie.

The reason I wish I could read what I wrote is because forgotten memories pop up and wonder if I wrote about them when I was writing my story.

I do not remember the guy's name, maybe Jesse James. Not the Sandra Bullock/West Coast Choppers Jesse; an older man. Someone was impressed; said something like "I finally got to meet him." I did not know (or maybe it was did not remember) West Coast Choppers Jesse, just sounded vaguely familiar. What I remember was watching a movie. And this old coot sat next to me, talking throughout the film. He was not looking for a relationship, just a friend.

He had some illness, and was going to need in-home care. He suggested he could hire me as a live-in. Whatever. He was homeless at the time; do not remember his story; a usual, "waiting upon, da, da, da, then will be housed again" type thing. Of course he was soon exhibiting signs of wanting a relationship with me. I vaguely recall he was an attractive gentleman.

What brought him to mind was suddenly having a vision (or image pass through my mind) of sitting in a room to view a movie. The only thing I am sure about is it was during the Christmas holiday season; a treat. No idea which shelter or church this took place, even though I can clearly visualize the room, and walking to that room.

The other memory came after I woke from a dream.

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