Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eye Tics and Hives

I forgot to send myself this photo; must be a way to find date it was taken with cell phone. You may ask: What is it? It is my arm (below elbow, above wrist).

One morning shortly after I woke, walking from bathroom back towards kitchen, my arm was terribly itchy. I stuck my hand under the sleeve of my sleep shirt giving it a good scratch as I went to make coffee. Back to Great Room, still itchy, I pushed the sleeve back to scratch some more and was horrified by large, violently red blotches covering my forearm. This picture does not do the horror justice to the horror I saw. Skin cancer developed overnight? Sudden appearance of liver spots? Hives?

I did not think they were hives; know hives itch like crazy, but think they are raised bumps, not flat like this mysterious rash on my arm. I had been spending more time, hence my thought about skin cancer. Skin irritations are caused by something, right? Hives made sense to me; total irritation with neighbor Chris' coughing keeping me awake when I want to go to sleep; listening to it all day long; hearing it first thing in the morning when I am emptying my bladder or in kitchen making my instant coffee.

The rash went away a day or so later and I forgot all about it until yesterday when I viewed my phone's photo album for lack of anything better to do to pass three minutes until dryer was done at laundromat.

About two weeks ago my eyes began to twitch uncontrollably. It took me a while to Google search "eye tic causes" and that is how I learned they are actually twitches. One of the causes is stress. Since I noticed the eye would start doing its thing when I was getting more irritated by the minute listening to Chris coughing or talking ~ sometimes talking to John ~ I thought an imminent heart attack was about to happen. Signs of impending heart attack is not listed as cause of eye twitches.

Other causes are tiredness and eye strain. Oh my, that tiredness one might truly apply ~ my eyes are often heavy with sleep, thank you very much, I can't help it if I cough Chris.

I start writing a letter to the manager explaining the physical ill-effects of Chris' constant, daily violation of House Rules and Regulations in addition to the City of Long Beach's Noise Ordinance. That in itself is stressful. I write too much and need to start over. The constant eye tics stopped, and start right up again whenever I hear Chris' voice or LOUD cough. I guess just writing about it here is causing me stress; left eye corner is sending me a very light tic right now.

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