Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Skin I'm In

The Skin I'm In  is Sharon G. Flake's first novel, copyright 1998. Yet the 174 page book was displayed on branch library's New book shelves. Perhaps it was a Staff Pick. I had an idea it was a teen novel, but checked it out anyway.

The story is about 7th grader, Maleeka. Her mother is very kind "even arguing politics with wino's on the corner." Wino does not equate homelessness, yet the implication is there. Homeless people I knew did discuss politics, especially local ones. A man who claimed to be a Vietnam war veteran often talked about government conspiracy's ~ claiming he had inside (the military) info, yet it was typical conspiracy stuff, like about Roswell.

Note, just because they call it a conspiracy theory does not mean it is not true ~ or however that quote goes.

Maleeka thinks a classmate "...seems crazy sometimes", because he goes with his father to feed the homeless and volunteers at senior citizen homes on weekends.

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