Friday, August 12, 2011

See Next Post

May have been two posts back when I wrote "see next post". I pre-schedule posts and am writing Friday morning, the fifth of August, 2011.

It was April 2010 when I had enough of sitting in the dark playing Peggleland. The flickering lights problem made it impossible to read and nothing else to do after dark waiting upon time to go to bed. Those over-bright security lights are no longer put on at night, or if Mike does turn them on, they are quite dim. Have not noticed the lights flickering in recent memory. I also had it with a man trying to pick me up at one of the closest library branches, and snotty librarian at the other.

WiFi dead, I decided to splurge and get Internet at home. I justified the $19.99 fee thinking I could earn it by resuming writing for Associated Content. And Helium. Make the effort again to advertise both and My Zazzle. Should be easy to earn $20.00 a month, that was a bit higher due to having to rent rotor and taxes. I justified keeping cable the first time they raised the price, because if I went to nearby place and spent a dollar for an hour often enough or took bus downtown, I would be spending it anyway.

Could not force self to do Helium, ignored my last remaining website, and Zazzle due to changes that made it hard for me to create with my available computer components.

I went to the Recycle reuse place intending to interview owner for an article, then off to a Peace on the Streets rally; took cell phone photos and notes. Home sat down to write. Could not concentrate with my floor vibrating and LOUD thumping from apartment across street or vehicle parked out front. Wrote about it. Those "drug dealers" got evicted.

I put in earphones, went to play Cafe World on Facebook. An addiction is borne. I had phone in hand to call cops, thinking, yeah as soon as I make the call the music will stop and... much longer? I may have finally called cops and the ear-splitting sound that passes as music stopped. Back to writing my two articles for AC. Not happening. John arrived home ~ this was before my complaint to the manager and his 8AM Sunday morning Karokee in the kitchen stopped ~ club level volume of his music. Back to Cafe World. That may have been the night ~ morning actually my brother asked me if I was up early or still up. Still up at 3AM...

...I never got those articles written; did make a stab at writing others, but then Yahoo bought AC and I had to have a Yahoo ID. I ditched Yahoo a long time ago; did not like the changes they made to their e-mail. I did write one or two articles. Lost enthusiasm before I began due to the changes. I could no longer just publish whatever for no pay. Everything has to be reviewed. They do not want to pay for Special Assignments, so I am not interested in doing the research on spec ~ page view bonus only.

Well now cable has increased the price yet again and I can no longer justify spending money to have Internet at home. I tell myself I will do better, write, write, write, promote and so on. Know if I have not done it in the past year will not. So it is bye, bye Internet and hello sadness. I am already in mourning. My connection with the world outside my rooms is gone.

No more checking temperature online. No instantly looking up words or translations. No checking for better news coverage than afforded by local newspapers. Really sad. Remind self of all my homeless days; how I did without everything normal people take for granted, so it is no big deal. I enjoyed the past year, even if I wasted the opportunity to maybe earn some spare change.

Will likely keep blogging from library as I used to do. Whatever.

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