Monday, August 08, 2011

Saw Jennifer

May or may not have remembered to make note of seeing Jennifer the last time I was at downtown library. Saw her again last week. I dropped off some junk at the recycle/reuse shop on Elm Avenue. Got something to eat at Albertsons. What? Do not recall; potato salad? Chicken leg/thigh? Coffee from 7/11. Intention was to go hang out at Shoreline Park by the lighthouse. Foot/leg pain I was walking fast when Jennifer spotted me.

We chatted for a while. Too long. I kept leaning on something, a trash can or sign post. She looked 100% better than the day I saw her at library. That homeless look less evident. Hard to follow her stories. Think she is mostly staying indoors with friends right now. Someone had a stroke, the female of the couple, then "The Village dropped her..." as they transported her from building to ambulance. The man is used to her doing everything for him, so Jennifer's assistance was requested to look after him. The woman, Carla, I think she said, bed ridden needs care as well.

Jennifer said the guy just uses her, squanders his money than expects her to rescue him, provide dinner and so on. I see another side of that issue having had issues with her when I lived on Magnolia Avenue.

It is a horror to me, when street friends ask if I have a place. I anticipate the next question will be: can I come over? I did allow Jennifer to stay over night with me on Magnolia a few times with disastrous results. Was glad to know that Al D has a lady friend. He never made a pass at me, but still do not trust men at all. Jim used to invite me to motels to party when we were both on the streets. He never seemed to get that I did not use drugs. He never made a pass either, but even then I did not trust him enough to take advantage of a few days respite from the streets by accepting his offer.

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