Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saw Al D

No destination in mind, sort of headed towards Bixby Park and the beach the other day. Think maybe the heavy back pack contributes to leg/foot pain; did not want to bother with the towel, skin sun protection lotion, cold drink, so just started walking ~ a route I would not generally take.

Man crossing street heading in my direction had head bent, longish white hair blowing over his face, stooped over baby carriage as baggage cart he was pushing shouted: Homeless to me. It was not until he was close to passing me that I was sure. "Al?" I said. Or asked.

He recognized me, likely forgot my name. See side bar under You Tube for video of Al D, made just after I left the streets in September 2004. Or was that '5? 2005, must be if my first time on the streets started in August 2004.

He has been off the streets for a long time, he said, with same lady for four years. I said I thought he may have headed back to Allentown (to be closer to his kids). He said he talks to them weekly. We did not chat long. He had to finish his route, if he wanted to eat dinner. COA has dinner on week nights. Far, though, think he said he lives on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

He told me his daily route, did not catch it "to Termino, to Ocean Blvd. to Redondo, back on blah, blah, blah." The route to pick up plastic bottles and aluminum cans I imagine. Wonder where he takes them to earn his recycling cash.  The place I used to go to on PCH closed.

He did not know of any deaths of homeless people we knew that I was unaware of. He said Mitzy is back on the streets, feisty as ever. I mentioned her a while back after seeing interview in local paper which included her. She was on her last legs, in nursing home or whatever the place is called where terminally ill homeless people are sent to live out their last days. Guess her liver damage was not as bad as article stated or a bout of enforced sobriety gave her a second wind.

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