Monday, August 01, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts pop into my mind at any ole time. This morning's thought was: "Well, it seems pretty straight forward to me." Said to me by case worker after I asked for help filling out papers. There was a time I had no issues filling out paper work.

Long ago a CPA from NYC insisted on doing my federal income tax return for me. I was embarrassed to hand over my personal finance records to a client. Pretending to be a professional, successful real estate salesperson, now he would know. After he spent part of his vacation home weekend in the Poconos, he returned the stuff telling me: "You were right; just use the short form."

Well, I knew I was right. I had already tried the long form. But when one is not earning a lot, one does not donate enough to charitable organizations to earn a deduction. The same is true of health care costs. I did all that pro-rating rent and stuff to use my one bedroom apartment as office deduction; added up all clothing, travel expenses and such ~ same things he probably did ~ to come to the same conclusion: no tax break for me that year.

I filled out people's short form income tax papers ~ amazed that anyone had trouble with the simple paper work ~ they usually wanted to pay me ~ they would have had to pay HR Block, they said. I declined; told them about the end of that Kung Fu show ~  promise to do three good deeds, asking the recipients to do likewise, and I have been repaid for my favor. Rather like: keep the helping thy neighbor ball rolling down the river...(oops song lyric jumped in there)

I was A+ student in bookkeeping I and II in high school. Filling out forms, paper work comes naturally to me. So, if I asked a case worker for help, than I surely needed help. The attitude I got when I swallowed pride to ask for help surely was the reason I declined filling out the forms to apply for reduced rent program. I think of the crack addict/alcoholic that is happily paying less for a nicer apartment than myself ~ because what ever help he asked for from the workers, he got.

I also think of Dupree. Do not know that he gets reduced rent or what type of help he was given. He (and my case worker) simply decided to withhold that info from me. Had he (they) been adults and told me the truth, I could have made other choices at that time. I might be in that apartment on 4th and Orange, gotten skates, on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

C'est la vie.

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