Sunday, August 07, 2011

Chicken Hawk

August second my planned afternoon at the beach got rained out. Actually it did not rain at all. First mistake was forgetting that downtown Main library branch opened at 10AM. My mind was stuck on noon, so I messed around with Facebook games in the morning ~ so hot wished I was at beach. Heard on radio that it was 82 in Long Beach. Checked this blog and yes indeed it was 82 fairly early in the morning.

Sun was scorching hot. I put beach towel in library canvas tote rather than use the back pack. Drink, skin lotion, sesame seeds snack included. Checked out a few too many books. Weighing them in hand as I selected thought "too heavy" ~ for a long walk home along the ocean.

When I left library the air was chilled, sky mostly covered with clouds, some grayish edges. Foot went numb in library so I walked around to sit on wall facing City Hall. Noticing an ant crawling by my thigh, I thought back to the days I did the homeless thing and laid down on the wall, backpack pillow, warmth to take chill off, maybe even dozing for a minute or two. Did not the ants bother me. Probably. Do not remember that being an issue.

Sitting massaging the foot, checked bus schedule. Could I beat the 10th Street bus to Pacific Ave? Nah, it had a two minute head start leaving transit mall. Okay 7th Street bus it is. Can not even call it a drizzle, just seemed like it was about to rain or sprinkle quite soon. Headed back towards library entrance and Pacific Ave. to get to Transit Mall. Man was conversing with women ten or so feet away from him. Thought I knew him, but a glance as I passed decided he just looked like the guy. Took me almost 24 hours to remember his name.

After traffic light changed, crossing Pacific Ave. the man is crossing too. Yes it was him, Jim, aka: Chicken Hawk. Truly wish my F-drive would read the discs where I moved this blog and my homeless story. I had a people list, but think I started deleting the names after I was sure I wrote about them and my memories. Would have been much better to just leave it all here, then could link to the story about Jim. Or stories.

He too is off the streets living on the other side of PCH. Said the MSC (Multi Service Center) has a program, pay 2/3's of his rent for a year. He starts paying all his $750. a month rent in November. I can not imagine him getting more Social Security disability than I do. He is younger, maybe 20 years younger and I do believe I put in a lot more years working than he did.  2/3's of my income go to pay my rent which is a hundred dollars less than his. Wonder if he will some day be back on the streets.

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