Saturday, July 02, 2011

Quiet Bathroom

I went into the bathroom one day this week, surprised, it was quiet. Blessedly quiet. No John's radio that I have been forced to listen to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 3 weeks straight. As I recall it. More or less. Used to be I heard it in both the kitchen and bathroom.

I looked up the words: annoying, disturbing, irritate, nerve-wracking, stress. as a prelude to writing my note to manager letter. Listening to John's radio every time I go into my bathroom, and/or kitchen is annoying. Hearing it first thing in the morning it is irritating; I go straight into a bad mood. Thinking of all the nights his noise has disturbed my peace. WTF does he do late at night. Jump roping?

I wanted to explain clearly to David, how after the first hour of the annoyance, it becomes irritating. After the second day it begins to disturb me. Solution is easy: John moves the radio out of the bathroom, then closes his bathroom door, like I have been forced to do, ever since he moved in next door.

Omigod, then he pumps up the volume, singing at the top of his lungs when he takes his bath. I had the phone in my hand, a bit past 9:30PM one of those nights, ready to call David to ask him to ask John to lower the volume. Of course, me knowing John is in the bath, what good would that do? Unless, John's guest, Chris answered David's knock at the door. Cough, cough, cough, goes Chris...

David might be asleep. But (cuss) if I have to be disturbed, I am gonna disturb him too. John's bath done, lowered volume, I did not call. Soon afterwards I hear, of all people, David talking to Mike in the courtyard. David yelling, "Mike...". Did not catch their conversation, just voices. I do catch all of Chris' conversations, and most of John's.

So I had some blessed relief from John's 24/7 radio only to be even more disturbed when he pumped up the volume. Not loud, mind you, just loud enough so I can not fall to sleep without earplugs, two pillows over my head, my radio on louder than I like it, placed in kitchen cabinet next to John's wall to drown out the sound of his, with pillow covering the radio, to lessen it.

Up, down, raise volume, back to bed, lower volume, back to bed, until I have it just right. Just right being no longer hear John's thump, thump, thump or humming music; mine not too loud as to disturb me. Other nights, forced to leave computer on all night with Sleep playlist playing.

As it was twice today when I took those naps.

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