Sunday, July 31, 2011


Another random thought was: "Poof, now you have your degree."

Said to me by job Councillor. Real nice of him to help me solve a problem and be on my way to improved life conditions. Irks me, at times, reading blog posts by newly homeless people who get into the system, get help and  are off the streets almost as quickly as they arrived on them. It is rather my old Rodney Dangerfield moments: no respect.

Sheer stupidity is another random memory that haunts me now and then. Yes, I said that to the same man. He said something like: at least you admit it, most do not. Most being homeless individuals. I tend to forget that those last bad choices I made were made while I was under the influence of PTSD symptoms that I did not know I had at the time. Given better health care in 1998...

...who knows? That is life; never know if a different road would have lead to better or worse outcomes.

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