Friday, July 01, 2011

July 4th

Last night is already faded from memory. Other than the usual. Um, Chris coughing, Chris calling Johnny, John and Chris conversing loudly outside my door, ring, ring, ring of Chris' phone. My irritation. Was tired. Was quiet at 830PM (or was that the night before?), wanted to go to bed early. Clock ticks past 10:30, 11PM...

Sigh. Get the earplugs, do the radio thing, turn on Sleep playlist to cover up sound of my own radio which I am using to cover up John's (curse) radio. Fall to sleep. Wake an hour or so later. Not my usual middle of the night (middle of sleep) trip to bathroom to empty bladder, hardly went at all. Fitfully fall back to sleep. Wake again in about another hour.

Went outside at 3AM. John's lights all on. The radio is in his bathroom. Not the low humming, but blasting volume. Oh, did not have Sleep playlist on this night, that must have been night before. Firecrackers, that I expected. One so loud I "jump out of my skin". I turned on computer, play Facebook games, simply irritated, blind rage, clueless as to what I am doing at the games. Finally to sleep some time after 4PM. Wake around 6.

Want to call David. Wake the (cuss) up. Wanted to wake him at 3AM, midnight. Sigh. I wait to call him. A bit past 8AM, I hear his nephew Patrick, hear them coming down the stairs. I go outside and ask David to tell John to lower his radio, "I was up all night." David just looks at me, turns his back and walks towards gate.

That is exactly why I have been unable to force myself to call that man. I was ready to call the cops last night, tell them, "Manager does not want me to call after 10PM, waking him." I was so ready to do just that: wake David. (good string of cuss words) If I have to be awake, than (cuss) you will be disturbed too! Daggnabbit!

I opened my front door a crack, put fan Doug gave me in front of it, to create a cross breeze. The fan will drown out the sound of Chris' voice, if not his constant loud coughs. Then I hear Johnny. Oh yes, he turned off the blasted radio, thank you very much. How can he sleep with it that loud? Or did he stay awake all night also? Company? Or does Chris have overnight guest? Chris had his door shut, so maybe...

"Chris, Chris..." someone at gate yelling at 2AM. Which I was not likely to have heard, not loud, LOUD, if John's (cuss) radio was not keeping me awake.

My plan for July 4th was to go grocery shopping early; cupboard is bare; then spend the day at the beach. Instead, I will be having coffee sans milk in the morning; just munched on some Capt Crunch Peanut Butter cereal balls, not even a bag of popcorn to take the edge off hunger. Instead, I spent the day irritated, taking naps. Sigh.

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