Saturday, June 18, 2011

Push Broom

Man standing on white step stool in middle of street was holding a push broom straight up in the air. The bristles were half black and half red. Just as I approached the intersection where he stood, a younger guy stopped in front of him. The young man had two sheets of paper. Older guy on stool said "Yeah, I have already had people asking me what I am doing." Younger guy trots off in direction of park.

I could not resist, said to man:  "Shall I ask you what you are doing?"

He laughed, said he would tell me but he has not figured it out yet. I said, "I will think up a reason." He replied, "Good, let me know when you do."

The first thing that came to mind was something like, "See, it is not only homeless schizophrenics who do crazy stuff like this."

Younger guy was by a telephone pole or tree at park arc, shouted something over to man at intersection. All I caught of their brief conversation was "You were right...", said by young guy. As near as I could tell, neither men had measuring tapes or survey measuring equipment, cell phones or some other sound-distance testing stuff. Fun moment in time.

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