Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zazzle Postage Sale

azzle postage sale ends June 19. On the off chance that someone visits my blog and cares to lend a hand up, posted one of my creations.

Frustrating morning between Blogger's new editor and Zazzle changes. Why does not Blogger offer an answer to questions rather than letting bloggers answer them? Simple question how to add an image link? Not so simple answers. Finally went to old editor, which some bloggers suggested and dang if that old simple process did not work either. After a while, someone who likewise went to old editor found the html I could use to create the link here.

Zazzle seems to have taken away a choice of Postage from list. In addition no more personalization. The list is long and I do not have most of the products they offer.

I think all the changes (that take what was simple and easy to do, making it hard and complicated)  is why my enthusiasm in keeping current my last remaining website, my blogs, My Zazzle gallery, writing for the former Associated Content has waned.

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