Sunday, May 15, 2011

Troubled Youth

A Facebook friend stated that bad parenting is the only thing that produces troubled youths. A few people took exception to that and another status update on the same subject. One chastised the man, reminding him how he loathes when people uses all-inclusive type statements about homeless people. I was tempted to comment: Judge not lest ye be judged. Instead I gave some examples of how youth can become troubled unrelated to bad parenting.

I was thinking of very specific people that I have known; such as a grandfather that molested several of his granddaughters; uncle molested step-daughter; step-father molesting step-son and even my father being sexually molested by an uncle. I could mention my son who became sullen when his father was feeding him lies about me. There are signs that children have been molested. It could be a classmate or a mother's man-friend did the dirty deed. Or even a priest.

When a child is abused sexually, they will become troubled. Parents can not be with children 24 hours a day, seven days a week, especially after they start attending school. Most would not suspect a loving spouse, father, grandfather, or uncle, often pillars of their community, of the crime. They could be the most wonderful parents in the world, yet their child could become troubled.

During the back and forth comments, I mentioned that most parents are doing the best they can, considering their knowledge ~ I mean who teaches parenting ~ it is learned during childhood watching adults around the child ~ education level and so on. Friend said "that is a cop out" and that children should be taken from bad parents and those parents should be sterilized.

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