Sunday, May 08, 2011


A while ago a niece complained about Doing a web search I found:

Some where during that search I saw an image of toenail with black line through it as an indicator that there was damage to the tissue under the arch that runs from heel to toes, tears in tissue causing inflammation which is termed plantar fasciitis. I think I would have bookmarked the info so that I could blog about it at a later time. Having internet connectivity issues, have restored computer back to earlier dates so many times I have no idea what I may have lost.

I also tried uninstalling, reinstalling Google Chrome, meaning if I was using Chrome when I read my niece's complaint, and bookmarked it with their bookmark bar, it is gone now. Maybe I will never locate the reference to black line on toenail as being related to plantar fasciitis. Reading about this cause of arch pain, it sounded exactly like the problem I have been having for years. 

NP said of my concern "oh could be discoloration from an old injury, will go away as new nail grows". The discoloration has been there for many years now, before and after I had the physical where I spoke about the arch pain, the numb feet, the leg pain that makes it hard to walk. The leg pain, same NP said, was due to an inflamed back muscle. She said it could be neurological in origin, but without x-rays and further testing could not determine the cause.

Of course when one is on the dole, helping to determine and solve cause of problem is not a priority. Was that  Medical? I get confused. Not sure what government agency was footing the bill for my physical. The result was simply to stay off my feet, rest, take ibuprofen. My Village case worker, along with what was his title, job counselor answer was to put me to work right away with a job that required standing on my feet on concrete floor.

I was told during interview with chef that they would put rubber mats on the floor. Which I think is a California requirement for employees who need to stand for long periods of time on concrete floors. The rubber mats never appeared. I lasted at the job four days. My other right hand, arm problem was exacerbated due to job requirements. 

I think I used the Medicare card (or maybe it was the Medical card) to see a foot doctor. She too did not think the discolored toe nail was of any importance. She did not find anything wrong with my foot. Had me walk barefoot, back and forth, fast and slow. I think she physically examined feet as well. Prescribed: exercising toes, to prevent numbness. I had made the appointment desiring to order a pair of orthopedic shoes, because using Dr. Shols like arch support inserts has not helped alleviate the painful arch cramping and all the rest of it.

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