Monday, May 23, 2011

Ski Dempski

Noticed my sidebar link to site about Thomas "Ski" Demski no longer works. That is sad, it had photographs of his home on Lime Avenue, including one of is AA bumper sticker covered van. The van remained parked on the street outside his home for several years after he passed away. Any photos  I took of Ski's home, flag pole base and van are on one of my copied DVD's that this laptop (which put my files on them) will not read.

I guess little things like that are unimportant; still have the memories in my head, should I care to re-write why Mr.Demski is part of my homeless story. For now, I am going to list a few links here, until I decide what link to use for the sidebar.

He asked Long Beach City Council for permission to erect a 300-foot flag pole in order to fly his football field size U.S. flag .

Creating Super Flag

The latter banner was strung out across Hoover Dam in 1996 and won Demski a place in Guinness World Records in the "world's largest flag" category .

Mayor Run, 1994 "This city has been run like a downtown clique for 15 years and I would like to break it up."

I remember a year when Demski ran for mayor of Long Beach, but it was in 1994. I moved to Long Beach, November 1994, so knew nothing of local politics at that time.

Super Flag dot com

Five articles from LB Report about Demski's death:

I did a Google image search; there are several photos of Demski and his flag. There is also an image of my toes, a water fountain...

None of those photos I posted on this blog were titled "Ski Demski" nor were the posts tagged thus.

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