Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi

Rights of Passage Program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is designed to give homeless youth shelter and teach new skills. Jon Bon Jovi donated three million dollars to the project via his charitable foundation. 

"The housing project contains 10 two-bedroom units, and offers a lounge and computer space, an outdoor recreational area, laundry, and offices for program support staff. It can support temporary housing for 20 homeless youths under 21."

Jon was appointed to the White House Council for Community Solutions by President Obama. For more information on JBJ Soul Foundation, formation of soup kitchens, visit the website.

I do not know if Sayerville, New Jersey has people living on the streets. Can not say I was aware of homeless people living in my hometown, New Brunswick, New Jersey until early 1990s when my mother and sister talked about a homeless man they saw in cemetery and giving him blankets. I spoke to homeless people when I was back in New Brunswick cleaning my mother's house in 2003, '04. 

I was well aware that men slept on the streets of New York city, for as long as I can remember. Jon Bon Jovi's awareness of homelessness may have begun in the same way ~ trips into the City. 

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