Friday, May 27, 2011


"It is inevitable that there may be a major tornado in Columbus," Rogers said. "Statistically it is bound to happen."

I neglected to add a link to article where I copied the above to post as a Facebook status update. I was terribly annoyed at the time, tired, wanting to go to sleep, listening to neighbor John's thump, thump, thump vibrating off my Great Room wall. A lot of comments on that post. Title of article may have been: Tornado in Columbus Ohio Inevitable. Took to last sentence of article to learn that it is certain to happen that there may be a tornado in Columbus. Um...

I was struggling to write an article for Helium (Reflections: Enjoying Life) having a Facebook game open while I wrote. A Facebook notification popped up on the lower left of the screen informing that my brother commented on my post. The post being this status update. He wrote: I know that the world will end for everyone of us someday. That is inevitable. I woke up this morning so it didn't end for me today :)

My comment just above his was: All I know that it is inevitable that there may be a "big one" here in California which inevitably maybe will turn Arizona into ocean front property. Likely on October 21, now that Harold Camping adjusted his rapture date.

My brother must have read my mind. I thought of posting: All I know is it is inevitable that we all are going to die. Someday. 

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