Thursday, May 26, 2011

Homeless Girl

Reason I was struggling with article, I wanted to use a quote, but could not verify that it was Andy Rooney who said: If you can't get what you want, it is usually best to change what you want. Sure I could reword it, but someone already said it best. Next I tried to find author of this quote: While your creditors are chasing you around the block you can enjoy the exercise

I did find the quote, but not the author. Someone, me, posted the quote on a blog post. The blog? The Adventures of Homeless Girl. My comment was posted in 2009. I wondered if the girl was still homeless. She did post in April 2011. Her post from February 2011 says: 

Death is inevitable, death comes for us whether we like it or not. Others make smart choices or are lucky to live for a long time whilst for others it comes sooner. We have found ways to manage it, treat it, not talk about it but we all know it is there.
Homelessness is the same thing.

I wonder if it is inevitable that when I go searching for author of a quote, I will be lead right back to me? 

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