Monday, May 02, 2011

Black Family and Dogs

Sitting on bench at Recreation Park, lost in memory land, I was brought back to the present moment when I heard announcer at nearby stadium say "...the black family." Of course I had been hearing the voice, not listening to the words. The black family? Oh, my. I guess the Black family, as in Mr. and Mrs. Black, and children, won a prize, perhaps a door prize type drawing.

Picked up a lot of eucalyptus opercula, dropped back to the ground, no scent. That was strange, because I could smell scent of eucalyptus as I entered park. Also as I walked around when near the eucalyptus trees.

Watched dogs at the Dog Park for a few minutes. A mostly black dog, medium size, sleek build, was playing with a larger, heavier brown-beige dog. There was also a small dog, maybe a Scottie frolicking with them. As I approached park, they ran over and under a large hollowed out log, placed on an angle from the ground. Then Blackie took off, chased by the other two. Blackie made a wide arc circling back towards the log. Brownie made a short arc, catching up with Blackie who zoomed past him. Or her. Okay I call dogs him and cats she.

Blackie continues running in the circle followed by Brownie. Each time Blackie decreases the arc, because Brownie would take his shortcut, so that the circle kept getting smaller and smaller. I think Blackie wanted to be chased back up upon the log. Scottie kept pace with Brownie, but soon gave up, going to sit behind a bench. Brownie became more interested in nosing around between tree and bench ~ not able to get in there with the much smaller dog.

Blackie went around the tree, behind people who were standing behind the bench. After a short rest, Blackie took off back towards the tree trying to entice a new dog to play. That dog, I think, a German Shepherd, or like Rin Tin Tin. Master walking, Rin Tin Tin followed along. Blackie zoomed in on another dog just entered park. They went nose to nose, but that dog was not up to playing chase me.

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