Saturday, May 07, 2011

Another feces dream

Think I went to sleep around 8:30PM last night. Disgusted with an Internet connection issue I can not seem to fix. I am connected one second the next, not. The problem started around first of April. Have to reboot and having to reboot more than once a day is one time too many. Have not had this issue since I quit playing Facebook game, Cafe World and blocked all Zynga games. Plus removing and blocking the bulk of stranger game friends. Have restored computer to an earlier date so many times.

Thought issue fixed, no problem for four days. Started again at Facebook, after a friend allowed permissions to a scam. Got worse. I am in process of removing all game friends. I also removed and blocked a cousin. She seldom posts at Facebook, but the day or day after my issue returned her profile was spamming our mutual friend's walls Plus it started spamming Chat ~ despite the fact that I never turn on Chat. Several other friends were quick to do whatever they did to post a bogus video and/or photos of Bin Laden. Even after I posted link to article asking all my friends to read it.

Ah, too long post here. Feces dream follows below.

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