Saturday, April 23, 2011

White Castle

As I remember it, we stopped at a White Castle in Bound Brook, New Jersey to get a bunch of those ten-cent hamburgers. Do not know how old I was at the time; do know we had our black limo. Or at least that is the way I remember the incident. There was a mounted police officer, that is cop on horse in the parking lot, as we waited at the drive-thru window. Or was it that the waitress came to the car to take and deliver the order through driver's side window. Not sure.

The horse dumped a load in the parking lot. I am quite sure it was my brother Robert, nudging me to tell the server. Which I did: "The horse pooped in the parking lot." Well mostly we used the words "number one" and "number two", but must also have said pee and poop. So what was so wrong about that? I do not know, except that my mother was mortified, that I could say such a thing.

I do not remember if she chastised me there ~ for sure not in earshot of the waitress ~ likely got my lecture during the rest of the drive home. It haunted me for years that I could be such a bad child and I am guessing, a start of keeping my mouth shut. Not that I am successful in that endeavor; but as a child I was very quiet, not talkative ~ the shy label was placed upon me. Timid might have been the better description. Timid and shy.

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