Friday, April 15, 2011

Wasted Days, Wasted Nights

I feel like a Freddy Fender song coming on, wasted days and wasted nights...

Beautiful, beautiful day today and I did not step outside, despite promising myself before laying my head down to sleep, or rather, as I laid it down to sleep, that I was hitting the beach today to enjoy predicated 85 degree weather. How does that happen.

I think I slept okay, but woke late. Hobble to kitchen to get water to heat in microwave for instant coffee. Before neighbor John moved in next door, I would have opened back door to check the weather, opened kitchen blinds and window. Did I hear him in his kitchen as I stood there, upper leg pain, massaging what the nurse practitioner called an inflamed muscle? Dunno. Just generally grouchy, sit down, plenty of time to dress and head out to beach.

Next thing you know it is 1PM or edging on noon, and "too late to head now..." feeling overtakes me. I want to grab myself by the shoulders and give me a good shaking. Dishes still not done, nor the house cleaning I promised self I would start two, three days ago. Zero motivation to do anything. Miss those days when I spent more time outdoors then in and I do not mean those homeless days, I mean, when my life was my own days.

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