Friday, April 08, 2011


10:43PM: "Why" is the only title that comes to mind. Why is that man making so much noise in his kitchen at this time of night? Why? Why? Why? Sigh.

9:38PM: I was annoyed already listening to John, the shared kitchen wall neighbor's noise. Have you ever heard anyone using a snake to clear a drain. Only way I could think to describe the screwing type sound he was making. In addition to his usual, well, whatever he does to make such a racket. In the morning or when he is cooking, okay, I get it, he slams doors, drawers, cabinets open and shut. One morning I imagined he must be chopping onions. Hash brown breakfast perhaps?

He is not quite hammering tonight, yet sounds like that, hanging pictures. There is a wall next to me. On the other side of me is the closet/hallway that leads to the bathroom. So why does the sound come right on through it? Some of it. The rest is obviously from the kitchen. Maybe he had been doing something in his hallway/closet? Like what? It is not the sounds of hangers being moved, could not make much noise hanging something on a wall hook. Oh well.

I remember looking at the computer time at 9:42PM with blog post words forming in my mind. Gone now. Was reading news articles before coming here. Cough, cough, cough, goes Chris, despite having his door closed. Is Bill there? I heard a voice; might have been Bill's, earlier. Just not sure and unless I see Bill, will not assume it is him. After 10PM when, I think it was upstairs neighbor talking to Chris.

Oh there was more. Quiet outside now and, can it be, is John actually finished for the night? Can I go to sleep now? I always get worried about turning off computer, getting ready for bed. So often I have had to get right back up and turn it on ~ for Windows Media Player Sleep playlist. I will be falling to sleep, sitting up, playing games or reading, just to avoid trying to go to sleep. Hard to explain that one. So tired, yet fearful ~ will it be another insomnia night?

I was peaceful today. Chris' coughing not bothering me too much. Nor his talking. Until a bit past noon. COUGH ~ if he did not put his stupid couch directly in front of his door, it would not be so loud. Taking a bath listening to Chris cough disturbed me. Do not know why. Same thing when I am just about ready to jump in the shower and hear John is home, most especially if he is in his bathroom. Never bothered me to take showers when neighbor men were around.

Why did they not put the bathrooms in the back of the apartments, so they did not face courtyards? Makes a whole lot more sense to me. Kitchen in the front. People constantly walk by windows in courtyards, seldom at the rear. I can not even open the window after showering ~ forget about leaving it cracked as I would normally do while in tub ~ due to it making Chris' voice even that much louder ~ with my bathroom door closed.

Okay, this is another dumb, will be deleting it post. Just feels better to write it down. And I do believe in the time it took me to do it, John has finished up with his chores. I hope.

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