Friday, April 08, 2011

PTSD Criteria

The Wikipedia page on fight or flight reactions says: "Stress responses are sometimes a result of mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, in which the individual shows a stress response when remembering a past trauma, and panic disorder, in which the stress response is activated by the catastrophic misinterpretations of bodily sensations." It also states that stress reactions slows down certain body functions, can cause constipation, for instance or impair the immune system, despite a boost to the immune system initially.

I thought I read about tiredness after the fight/flight rush. Which makes sense. And may be why I took a nap at 5PM the other day, as per prior post. Do not see the mention on that page. What I did was click the PTSD link. 

The list of criteria needed to be diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder begins with:
Exposure to a traumatic event. 
Well, everyone is going to experience some kind of trauma in their life. More info on this criteria:

This must have involved both (a) loss of "physical integrity", or risk of serious injury or death, to self or others, and (b) a response to the event that involved intense fear, horror or helplessness (or in children, the response must involve disorganized or agitated behavior).

Horror and helplessness would describe my reaction to first physical assault by then husband. Thinking back, now, the first time he came into my kitchen and started yelling at me, I froze in horror and likely felt helpless at the unprovoked, not understood sudden verbal assault. Typing that brought back image, years later...

...can not continue this at the moment. Do not want to think about that horror. The catalyst that moved me to do what I should have done years earlier: left him with the clothes on my back. Do not like seeing the image of me that day, shock, helpless horror...

Odd that I was seeking info due to FB friend D's new medication, and having a first awareness of how much that day in my kitchen was like the day 14 years later, I was training my replacement at the ice cream parlor...

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