Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, Poop

Neighbor across courtyard told Bill he is going to wear diapers tomorrow. He actually whispered the word diapers, which can give you an idea of how loud he talks, if I can clearly understand his whispers. Of course, at the moment, I did have my front door open; perhaps I would not have heard the lowering of his voice with it shut. He actually has been keeping his voice down a tad bit. Yet I still hear his ringing telephones and static (I guess there is no such word as "staticy") voice coming from the other end of the line.

Maybe it was hearing diapers that caused me to have another poop dream. Which reminds me of a time as a child...

The major parts of the dream are already lost in memory. A puppy running around outside, large yard, green grass, dirt patches, sister Dorothy was there, friend, Barbara, other people, now forgotten, someone, maybe my sister or maybe a child was chasing the beige colored pup around the yard. I think, not sure, that sister was holding the puppy, and phew, s/he stunk. Had poop matted in its fur. As is the way of dreams, I was inside, viewing the dream characters, telling my sister, as I visualize it, "You can rinse him under the tub faucet rather than give him a bath".

Then I am standing at sink in my my mother's house, downstairs bathroom, baby in sink, washing him. Dark, dark curly hair, all smiles. That could be my baby brother, Rocco, yet did not look like him or any child I have known. The baby had dried black poop stuck just above his left butt cheek. I was talking to the baby, who kept smiling and, I guess, laughing. Questioning how I got stuck with the job of washing off the dried feces. Know the toddler was a boy, although did not see any male genitals in the dream.

So as a child...

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