Thursday, April 07, 2011


12:04AM: What time did I say it was when John was running his bath water, short term memory loss. He was not in there long or else it was Chris back in the kitchen doing whatever whoever was doing. Yes, Chris. I guess that is why his door was shut and his lights out, although it surprises me that he did not leave them on, for his return home. Well, at that point I was thinking, "Oh Chris is spending the night at John's".

No, after some more noise, and surprisingly, since John had company, the TV not loud enough to be heard even in my kitchen, Chris, cough, cough, cough, returned to his apartment. Opening screen door noise and soon a startle reaction, something metallic sounding, what do these men do and do they realize the hour? I think I heard Doug say something, in addition to some more noises of unknown origin. Cough, cough, COUGH. Then silence again. Until John starts doing whatever he is doing.

Okay I screwed up my in sequence one post per day and this is likely boring. It is, however, related to the things I learned today, yesterday actually, about fight and flight reactions.

Living in apartment complexes, one is going to hear neighbors coming and going; doors opening; the "hello, how ya doings" as they pass each other in the hall or courtyard, brief conversations, the "did the mailman come yet?" yell, the late night TV heard through the wall, telephones ringing on the other side of the wall, showers, always hear the showers running, overhead or next door apartments.

Oh, Bangor, that was cute listening to the couple upstairs frolicking in their tub, splish, splash they were taking more then a bath. Yes, orgasms, a regular extremely loud lady when I lived down on Broadway, or was that First Street. Always someone blaring a stereo, often way too late in the evening. Firecrackers. Fights. On Elm Avenue it was Miss Marion dancing for the lord, up pumped up, home from church, 11PM Sunday night, not just the loud music, her dancing caused my floor to vibrate.

Talking about orgasms, cats mating, oh I remember that from First Street. And the kids playing basketball on the flat roof ~ when I worked nights and needed to be sleeping days. Thank you they did not live in the upstairs apartment with their father, Wes, just came to visit now and then. Washing machines, especially bad if one's apartment is right next to the laundry room. Dryers too I imagine.

Yes neighbors make noise. Maybe my memory is faulty, I think this is the noisiest apartment complex where I have lived. Or visited. Have spent overnights at others apartments. I try to figure out why I am not able to tolerate the noise in this one. Not like I have to get up Monday morning and go to work with Miss Marion keeping me awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Never had a neighbor who left the door open when they went to sleep. During the day, yes, lots did that if the apartment had a screen door. I noticed last night, Chris's back blinds were shut, but windows open about 1/2 way. That makes little sense to me. Next door is a one story house. Since our back windows are high from the floor, no one can see inside and he does not care that people can see him sleeping, so why close his blinds? Yes, he does not open his front window blinds, but those windows are closed. Okay, maybe I will be able to go sleep now.

Hope John is done with his noise.

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