Wednesday, April 20, 2011


View from my back door. Too bad I do not have a real camera with a zoom lens, not that I would know how to use one. I am sure my cell phone camera can be adjusted to zoom in or out, but the screen is so small, hard to read and have not memorized how to do it.

I am guessing that thing you might be able to see perched on top of the medal fence is a lizard. I snapped the photo while standing inside at back door. Then I stepped outside, went right up to the fence, held phone over head, trying to snap a close up photo. Those gold twigs sort of blocked view of lizards face and body, so moved to other side, positioning my hand under the gold twigs. As I was trying to get a good angle, whoosh, a noise that sounded like wings, leaves below this frame, about shoulder height rustled and it seemed like something dropped to the ground.

I did take a photo as I jumped back. Lizard gone, of course, not skittering along sidewalk, anywhere on blue plywood fence. Shake the sweatshirt, run hands over my hair, shake the pants legs. Nope, no lizard landed on me, getting under the shirt or up the legs. As if I would not have felt it. But to be sure, I do my can not bring lizard inside if he is hiding on my body somewhere dance, a second and yes, third time. Then I got brave, back to fence to peer under the leaves, look at ground below to see if lizard is hanging with the morning glory seedlings. Nowhere in sight.

The foliage is thick, many dead brown flowers among the green. Still have lots of long-needle pine needles that got stuck in the mess. And cobwebs. Okay, so that is all on my little adventure this morning.

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