Sunday, April 03, 2011


When you were a kid, or even a teen or adult, did you ever hide in an alley, or behind a door, then jump out and yell BOO!!! when the unsuspected victim walked by? I am sure that I did so a time or two in my life.Where did I learn to do it? Likely from someone who did it to me. What is so funny about scaring people? Did I ever consider, when I did such a thing, that it is not awfully nice to scare some one half out of their wits? Doubtful.

Thought I was going to bed super early last night. Sometime around 8PM, eyes tired, longed to escape to dreamland. It was quiet; I was relaxed and thinking: so what if I go to sleep at 8:30/9PM? Would be nice to wake a 3 - 4 AM and start the 'morrow early. That was not to be.

Which came first? John in his kitchen? Maybe. It was a bit past 9PM when my heart stops due to someone suddenly yelling: BOO!!! Due to my mental condition I am easily startled. Body freezes, all tenseness; tight. Only a second or two in time, then, heart racing, body on full flight or fight mode. Instant anger. Oh, no, not again, how long will they keep talking outside my door this time? Agitated, and ticked off, knowing I would no longer be able to lay down and quickly drift off into the world of dreams. How long, how long, how long; up to pace, slam kitchen floor with heel of foot, causing that ringing metallic sound, want to do another primal scream, control self on that one.

If my night dreams are saying I have a tendency to hold things inside and feel, how did the site say it, dirty or shameful, well then I will reveal something I would prefer not to share. I opened my back door, mo' pacing, ya see, right up to John's door and spit on the ground in front of it. What does that accomplish? Nothing, 'cept I must have read some kind of voodoo curse and...

Yes, it was loud John, and oh my, the man banned from the complex, gruffing or harrumphing*, add Doug and Chris to the mix. Thank you, the loud conversation did not go on for much more than 15 minutes. I can not say exactly how long it went on, because I was not in my right mind. To make matters worse ~ since sleep was now out of the question ~ I decide to play a Facebook game, Zuma Blitz. That game is not relaxing and I know it, yet, why let that stop me.

For the second time in a space of, what, 20 minutes my heart stopped, body froze...

The game has a, well I do not know what it is called, lets say "mighty frog" that appears and blasts the moving chain of balls. The regular frog shooter gets puffed up, all glowing with the corresponding power blasting (or blowup) sounds. As my body tensed and froze for an instant, my mind was thinking, dang, I must be playing the game well, too bad, my fingers are no longer able to click the mouse. Dang.

Yet it was the earlier BOO!!! that caused a sharp pain in the middle of my chest. So if you ever hear ~ yeah right, how will you hear ~ that I had a sudden heart attack and died ~ know that it was due to Chris or John or even Doug with their sudden loud noises, coughs, voices, causing me to be startled to death.

*I know there is a word, thought it started with a G that comes to mind thinking of the sound of Bill's normal LOUD speaking voice. Then there is Chris and his giggles. Perhaps I have seen the word in comics or funny pages of newspapers. Any variation of the word I think exists took me nowhere except to the two words I used instead.

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