Friday, March 25, 2011

Yahoo Contributor

So all my Associated Content (AC) articles now belong to Yahoo Contributor. I will say, if one person reads book review posted below, I will earn a penny. But it might be less. I hate to beg, but if you have a moment, please click on the link or enter URL in your browser to give me a page view. I stopped asking people to actually read what I wrote long ago. I also stopped submitting articles to AC.

I learned SEO (search engine optimization) but hate to write for a machine. Well, I forgot all about that stuff when I submitted a product review. I spent a moment reviewing my account and the article with most page views was a product review. I sat on the review for a month ~ too lazy to edit it. When I forced self to reread it, check spelling and so on, I learned that the company does not exist. Dang, now I had to rewrite the part about "a brand name I trust". LOL

Sat for another month. Maybe; was not counting. So I finally force self to rewrite, edit, submit ~ for pay this time. I got rejected. Dang. I stopped submitting articles for pay the year I started writing them. I liked the instant publish feature, too stressful waiting 'round for AC editors to read, offer cash ($3.00?) or reject.

You know what? The Yahoo Contributor editors are right: no one is going to do a web search for a review of Van de Kamp's Sweet Goods. Whatever was I thinking? That my most read article was a product review and...

Web searches were in the back of my mind when I started writing the article; thought I could pick up some page views by comparing the danish with Entenmann's products. That due to a popular search sending people to my now defunct gypsywoman website ~ the origin of this blog. Which is another story for another post.

You can read what I think by reading the article. : > Will say they are better than the sweets served at places where I ate while street living.

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