Monday, March 28, 2011

Haunted Past

Back in 1998 I did a lot of thinking or writing about the past rearing its ugly head. Or that no matter what, the past comes back to haunt me, affecting my today life. Negatively. That would lead to depression, because we can not go back and undo the past. Stuck with it forever more. Will not elaborate on those things, might offend loved ones and  my rants tend to be a tad bit too long. My original Blogger, blog, btw, was one big rant about those issues ~ recent past or way back when. All deleted when I was letting go of the Blog that later I started using to do this.

Were dead pets conversing with me in 1998? Do not know. Distinctly remember a dream from when I lived in Bangor, Pennsylvania, but could not say what year that was, unless I rummage through any old paperwork I might still possess. Since living in this apartment, I have dreamt about cats, kittens, snakes, spiders, turtles, and my daughters' deceased cats or dogs. My son and middle daughter show up in my dreams as much younger versions of themselves quite often.

I have not seen my family in four and a half years. Younger brother is putting pressure upon me to return east for one of his son's wedding. He will pay my way. I do not want to go. He had my oldest daughter call me about it. She mentioned Lori and Dave being unable to afford a trip to California to see me and "Bella, Paris...", the granddaughters. Induce guilt.

If I am not expressing my feelings, as told by a dream, it would likely be on that subject. If I feel dirty, shameful, it would also be related to the same issue. Perhaps there is something to the dream analysis thing after all.

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