Sunday, March 27, 2011


An old quote popped into my head today: Habit is either the best servant or the worst of masters. I did a web search. Actually it is "either the best of servants" and attributed to Nathaniel Emmons.

I used to clip quotes like that found in magazines or newspapers and pasted them in one of those magnetic photo albums that either cost a dollar or two for a dollar on sale. I truly do not recall the cost, just that they were inexpensive. Did not like to use them as photo albums. No longer recall how many of them I filled. Looking back I decided those books were a journal of my life.

The first and second had a lot of quotes, jokes, comics relating to marriage and motherhood. Moved on to more metaphysical or philosophical topics. Could look the one up about accepting sunshine and flowers, we had to accept the thunder and the rain. Life is pain. Pain make man think. Thought makes people wiser than before...

I looked at those books so often my "quote collection" was burned into my head. Memory not so good anymore. I question most everything I am about to say with certainty because I am no longer sure what I remember is accurate. Yet out of the clear blue sky one of them jumps into my brain almost verbatim.

Today I am more of a slave to habits than a master over them. That is not a good thing.

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